• Best in class vector control for general-purpose inverter improves control performance.
  • Accommodating various applications
    (function of detection the abnormal braking transistor, output brake signal for mechanical braking control, customizable control logic through the built-in PLC functionality, ratio operation of the main speed, dancer control function optimized for winding control)
  • Keypad with USB port allows you to check the information at any time.
  • The life of limited-life parts (cooling fan, condenser, etc.) is extended. (Designed life is 10 years.)
  • Installing a dedicated optional card makes the CC-Link communication available.• Capacity range: 0.4-630 kW.
    • Overload capability: 200%-3 sec, 150%-1 min (HD mode), 120%-1 min (LD mode).
    • Built-in RS-485 communications port (RJ-45) as standard.
    • Built-in Mini USB port on keypad.
    • Built-in Braking Unit with 22KW or smaller models.
    • Built-in Braking resistor with 7.5KW or smaller models.
    • This is the kind of high-functioning inverter.

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